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Our commercial companies help achieve a better understanding of each market.

Understanding each other

From field to fork, from our farms in Peru to the end clients throughout the world, we strive to deliver the perfect fruit in the shortest time possible.
La Calera has its own sister companies that will allow you to get the perfect fruit from our fields to your area in the shortest way:

Andean Sun Produce LLC

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In the USA, Andean Sun Produce operating as Gold Cup Fresh is our sister company. Andean Sun Produce has five distribution centers through the continental USA; Philadelphia, Miami, New York, Houston, and California.

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Pacific Produce Ltd


In the UK and Europe, Pacific Produce located in Oxfordshire, distributes all our produce. Pacific Produce not only is the largest importer of Limes into the UK, but also has a wide range of agricultural products to offer. 

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La Calera Colombia SA

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Based in Bogota, LCC is the main grape and citrus importer into Colombia. LCC distributes our products not only into the main Colombian supermarket chains, but also has open market stores in Corabastos, in Bogota and in Medellin and Cali main markets.

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